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We are experts in many software technologies, we deliver sophisticated software solutions. Contact us for a Free quotation

Native or hybrid mobile app development. A mobile application is a must for your business. It is not a trivial task to create a mobile app for the apple app store and google play, as apart from the technical knowledge required about general mobile development, useful third party apps, and modern best practices, a lot of time consuming testing against many different devices and screen sizes is required. We have the expertise and practical experience to help you build a successful mobile app. Please contact us with your requirements for a Free quotation. Most recent, still under development, mobile application project: An app for healthcare, code base developed for both Android and iOS – My health notes

Database-driven web applications, using modern technologies in the frontend and backend, can allow you to deliver scalable business solutions to your clients.

There are many modern technologies that can be used, and are used by companies of all sizes to create sophisticated web applications. Knowing what to use for specific requirements and budget, and having the skills to complete a project on time, test for different scenarios, and develop solutions that are able to scale as your business grow, can make the difference between success and failure.

Partner with our team, and you will have true skills and commitment at your services.

Get your web application developed using the technologies of choice of large companies, such as Spring-based java application for deployment in the amazon cloud or any other cloud, together with SQL or No SQL database development to drive your app, in a cost-effective and reliable way. Would a REST-based backend together with an Angular.io frontend work better for your particular business case? No problem, those are technologies we use on a regular basis.

Do you need instead a web application that you can maintain yourself afterwards, such as a WordPress-based CMS? Or perhaps a WordPress frontend able to communicate to your Java-based or legacy backend? Perfect. We have already completed similar projects successfully. 

We are currently busy with WordPress projects that require deep understading of how the popular CMS works, so that plugins and themes can be created from scratch.

You can speak to us for anything WordPress, from simple installations, or hosting of your WordPress-based blog or website, to a WordPress-based custom CMS, and theme and plugin development.

Please contact us with your specific requirements so we can provide you with a Free quotation.

In our daily work for many different projects we are faced with the task of having to create SQL and No SQL databases, as well as coding cache services, for different data management platforms such as MySql, Maria DB, Db2, Oracle, MS-SQL, Access, Mongo DB, Apache Geode, among other. 

Let us know what you require so we can give you a Free quotation for your database development. 

Do you require a cross-platform standalone (desktop) application (able to run in Mac, Windows and Linux environments)? We have long standing expertise creating Java-based desktop applications, with a native look, and the ability to connect to a local or remote database, visualize data, etc.

What are your specific requirements? Let us know so we can give you a Free quotation for your project.

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